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Domain Specific Modeling with the Eclipse Modeling Project

Ed and I performed a demo at Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 that showed aspects of EMF, GMF, QVT OML, MDT OCL, Teneo, and M2T Xpand. It was a bit rushed, but we promised to post viewlets for the demo for those wishing to take another look. Below are links to a series of viewlets that covered the basic content of the demo:
  1. Creating a Project and Domain Model
  2. Creating a Dynamic Instance Model
  3. Creating an Xpand Template
  4. Creating a QVT Transformation to Create a Requirements Model from a Mindmap
  5. Using OCL to Implement a Derived Reference
  6. Developing a Mindmap Diagram
  7. Running the Mindmap Diagram
  8. Using Teneo to Persist Requirements with Hibernate

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