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Combined JDT Text and JDT UI 4.4 Plan

Combined JDT Text and JDT UI Component 4.4 Plan

Last revised date: 2013/8/21

This plan is under continuous refinement. Please send comments about this plan to the developer mailing list.

Note: This plan depends on the Platform Text Plan.

Overall Goals

This section lists the goals for Eclipse 4.4 for the JDT Text and the JDT UI component as listed on the Eclipse Project 4.4 Plan.

[1] Platforms. Java 8 support and stay current with JUnit.

[2] Robustness. Provide APIs for clients where needed.

Work Items

This section lists the possible work items for Eclipse 4.4 for the JDT Text and the JDT UI component with the [corresponding theme]. Some of those items have a higher priority than others. Work items that are annotated with [component name] are delivered for another component.

  • Java 8 [1]

    • provide Java 8 support for Eclipse 80 weeks
  • Adopt New Platform Features [2]

    • none at this point
  • API [2]

    • none at this point
  • Miscellaneous

    • none at this point
  • General Items

    • 4.4 planning 1 week
    • resolve bugs that got deferred from 4.3 to 4.4 all
    • look at bugs with patches and review those 4 weeks
    • Juno SR1 maintenance work 3 weeks
    • Juno SR2 maintenance work 3 weeks

Cross Team Issues

This section contains cross team issues that have to be clarified. The concrete outcome affects the plan items listed above.

  • SWT
  • Platform Compare
  • Platform UI
  • JDT Core
  • JDT Debug
Bug Tracking
item is under development. item is under investigation.
item is finished. ( ) item is time permitted.
[xyz] item is deferred (>) from xyz or continues in xyz. new


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