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JDT Core / 3.3.1 : Testing Plan

 Verify all 3.3.1 fixes (David, Eric, Maxime, Olivier, Jerome)
 Method override testing (Kent, Frederic)
 Europa (Eric, David)
  • patch Europa with JDT/Core 3.3.1
  • run with this setup
  • ensure we behave the same (or even better)

 Formatter with exotic characters (Maxime, David)
  • ensure that the formatter behaves correctly when the source contains exotic characters (e.g. @ in a Javadoc comment)

 Search in 1.4 project with 1.5 library(Jerome, Maxime)
  • ensure that the behavior of Java search is acceptable (no NPE) when searching in a 1.4 project that has 1.5 libraries on its classpath

 Backward compatibity (Olivier, Jerome)
  • ensure 3.2 development workspace behaves correctly when opened with 3.3.1
  • variant 1: leave the 3.2 workspace with 'Link with Editor' and 1 editor open, restart with 3.3.1
  • variant 2: leave the 3.2 workspace in the Resources perspective, restart with 3.3.1, switch to the Java perspective
  • ...

 User libraries (Olivier, Eric)
  • have several projects in the workspace
  • add/remove user library
  • shutdown/restart, ensure user libraries are still present

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