Mylyn Intent - tooling for writing useful and synchronized documentation

The objective of the Intent project is to bring a quantum leap in the productivity of technical authors (such as software or systems engineers, project managers, business developers, etc.) who are engaged in authoring documents of a technical nature.

The project also aims to improve the quality (consistency, completeness) of these documents that, in turn, will enhance the quality of companies’ products, e.g. via a reduction of cost of product defects.

Finally, Intent aims also to allow companies to further exploit, recycle and valorise their own internal knowledge, which is currently left unexploited in technical documents that are seen as a sequence of words only. To achieve this, the project envisions an integrated authoring environment called "Intent", which will be locally used by each author / contributor. This will combine two parts, a semantic word processor (= the "Writer" part), which resembles a typical word processor but capable of "understanding" pieces of text and transparently creating models of contents out of them, and a Knowledge Capture Tool (= the "Model" part), which resembles a spreadsheet table, or other familiar information modelling tools.

Intent is currently in Incubation Phase under the Mylyn Docs top-level project, and Intent 0.8 is part of Eclipse Kepler Release Train.

You can get additional informations by consulting:
✓ Intent's Wiki
✓ Intent presentation at Agile ALM Connect 2013
✓ Useful links (tutorials, installation guide, posts...)
✓ Intent Proposal

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