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The Equinox Project - Introspection Tools Proposal

The goal of Eclipse is to become a platform to produce flexible and dynamic applications. In such a dynamic environment, it is often hard to know what is happening or to explain why the system is behaving as it is. Over the history of Eclipse, various teams have put together tools (e.g, Core tools, Sleak, ...). This proposed incubatory is a recognition that some of the tools we have in place today (e.g., Core Tools) are going neglected and that there are additional/new technologies available for monitoring, introspecting and managing running OSGi/Eclipse systems (e.g., JMX, aspects, ...)

This incubator carries the very modest scope of providing extensible frameworks in support of people instrumenting or outfitting Eclipse/OSGi systems such that they can be observed from the outside. For example, we propose a simple JMX server infrastruture that runs in an instance of OSGi. This framework allows users to contribute providers which in turn expose managed objects (i.e., MBeans) for use/interaction from local or remote clients.

While the main focus of this incubator is on the underlying plumbing, we do intend to implement rudimentary Eclipse user interfaces to facilitate the use of the monitoring tools.

Interested Parties

  • Robert Connell (UNB)
  • DJ Houghton (IBM)
  • Simon Kaegi (Cognos)
  • Jeff McAffer (IBM)
  • Pascal Rapicault (IBM)
  • Thomas Watson (IBM)

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