EclipseLink 2.6

The primary focus of the EclipseLink 2.6 release is stability, Java EE 7 integration, and JPA-RS.

Main features and changes include:

In addition to the features highlighted above, this release also includes a substantial number of bug fixes and enhancements:

Enhancements and Resolved Issues

    Known Issues

    The following are known issues that have been identified as potentially affecting users of EclipseLink 2.6.

    • When running EclipseLink 2.6 in Glassfish 4.0, you must specify a valid datasource in the persistence.xml through either the jta-data-source or non-jta-data-source tags.


      EclipseLink remains focused on the delivering support for the latest standards. EclipseLink 2.6 offers certified support for:

      • Java Persistence (JPA) 2.1 - JSR 338
      • Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) 2.2 - JSR 222
      • Service Data Objects (SDO) 2.1.1 - JSR 235
      • Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P) 1.0 - JSR 353

        Deprecated Functionality


          Retention Policy

          The previous EclipseLink 2.5 releases will remain available for download from the previous releases page where it remain for a minimum period of 2 years before becoming available for archival.

            Future Releases

            For more information about future planned EclipseLink releases and patch sets please refer to the releases section of the project summary.