Package org.eclipse.ecf.core.sharedobject

Interface Summary
IReplicaSharedObjectDescriptionFactory Replica shared object factory
ISharedObject Core interface for implementing components that exist within ISharedObjectContainer
ISharedObjectConfig Configuration information provided to ISharedObject via its enclosing ISharedObjectContainer
ISharedObjectConnector Implementers which represent the one-way associations between SharedObject instances within the scope of a given ISharedObjectContainer
ISharedObjectContainer Core interface that must be implemented by all ECF container instances.
ISharedObjectContainerClient Interface for shared object containers that are clients rather than group manager
ISharedObjectContainerConfig Configuration information associated with ISharedObjectContainer.
ISharedObjectContainerFactory Factory contract for SharedObjectContainerFactory
ISharedObjectContainerGroupManager Contract for shared object container group manager (e.g.
ISharedObjectContainerTransaction Implementers represent a transaction associated with the creation of a SharedObject within the scope of a given SharedObjectContainer
ISharedObjectContext Context reference provided to all ISharedObjects upon initialization.
ISharedObjectFactory Container factory contract SharedObjectFactory for default implementation.
ISharedObjectManager Manager for creating, disposing, and accessing ISharedObjects from an ISharedObjectContainer.
ISharedObjectTransactionConfig Transaction configuration information
ISharedObjectTransactionParticipantsFilter Filter for determining transaction participants

Class Summary
AbstractSharedObjectContainerAdapterFactory Abstract container adapter factory.
BaseSharedObject Base class for shared object classes.
OptimisticSharedObject Superclass for shared object classes that replicate themselves optimistically.
ReplicaSharedObjectDescription Description of a remote ISharedObject instance.
SharedObjectContainerFactory Factory for creating ISharedObjectContainer instances.
SharedObjectDescription Description of a local ISharedObject instance.
SharedObjectFactory Factory for creating ISharedObject instances.
SharedObjectMsg Shared Object Message.
SharedObjectMsgEvent Event type to represent messages sent between shared objects
SharedObjectMsgEventProcessor Event processor to process SharedObjectMsgEvents
SharedObjectTypeDescription Description of shared object type.
TransactionSharedObject Superclass for shared object classes that replicate themselves transactionally.
TransactionSharedObjectConfiguration Configuration parameters for transaction shared object creation and replication.
TwoPhaseCommitEventProcessor Implementation of two-phase commit for transactional replication of shared objects.

Exception Summary
SharedObjectAddAbortException Exception thrown during transactional add of shared object
SharedObjectAddException Exception thrown upon shared object add to container
SharedObjectConnectException Exception thrown when creating connector between shared object
SharedObjectCreateException Exception thrown upon shared object create by ISharedObjectManager
SharedObjectDisconnectException Exception thrown upon ISharedObjectManager.disconnectSharedObjects(ISharedObjectConnector)
SharedObjectInitException Exception thrown during calls to ISharedObject.init(ISharedObjectConfig)