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Remote Services Distribution Provider API

Remote Services distribution providers are responsible for implementing the remote method call...i.e. the serialization of parameters and return values, and the communications protocol used to communicate between the caller and the remote service. caller.

ECF's Remote Services implementation allows the use of custom or alternative distribution providers. Allows ECF's Remote Services implementation to be used with any desired serialization mechanism and any suitable communications protocol.

For easy creation of distribution providers, we've added a new IRemoteServiceDistributionProvider interface so that a distribution provider may be registered for use via the OSGi whiteboard pattern. Here is the org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.provider package.

For example, here is a distribution provider implemented using Jersey Jax-RS REST framework. A single instance of this class is registered via Declarative Services and any remote services using the 'ecf.jaxrs.jersey.server' config type will use Jersey as the distribution mechanism. See the examples in the JaxRSProviders repo for complete examples of using this provider.

New Distribution Providers

Using the remote services distribution provider API above, several new distribution providers have been created: