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Next-Generation Eclipse IDE

Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE.

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Install binaries from an Eclipse mirror or build from source.

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Our Approach

Workspaces with Runtimes

Workspaces are composed of projects and runtimes. Create portable workspace replicas that run anywhere in the cloud or on your desktop... Read More

Collaborative Workspace Server

Host Eclipse Che as a workspace server. Share tools, runtime and programming services across workspaces and teams. Control workspaces with REST APIs... Read More

Cloud IDE

A no-installation browser IDE and IOE accessible from any local or remote device. Thin, fast, and beautiful - it's the IDE our own engineers wanted... Read More

Docker-Powered Environments

Workspace runtimes are Docker-powered. Use our all-in-one stacks, pull from any registry, or author your own. Snapshot and embed runtimes into... Read More

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Use Che as an IDE for any framework or programming language. Take your projects and runtimes anywhere with workspace portability and cloud export.

Get Started with Che

Product Owners

Embed Che in your own product and control it with APIs. Samsung, SAP and Red Hat use custom assemblies to create great developer experiences.


Plug-in Providers

Package stacks, templates, extensions, and plug-ins to create new developer tooling. Dozens of existing plugins and stacks to leverage.

Customize Che
OpenShift Plug-In

Silent Screencasts

Java IntelliSense

Java IntelliSense

15 Minutes 1 Second

Run, Commands, & Previews

Commands & Previews

13 Minutes 38 Seconds



5 Minutes 2 Seconds


We are building a world where anyone can contribute to a project without installing software. Che defines a new type of workspace that is composed of projects and runtimes, making its state distributable, portable and versionable. We use VMs, containers, and Web services to bring repeatability, consistency, and performance to workspaces.

Cloud IDE

Che’s browser IDE is built on an extensible plug-in platform that enables panels, menus, wizards, popups and tools. With an Orion editor experience, server-side RESTful code intellisense, and distributable workspaces, the developer experience and non-blocking performance will surprise you. Read about how we do this more in our documentation, or check out the customization resource center.

Workspace Server

The Che server controls the lifecycle of workspaces and can be customized with plug-ins. Any client can communicate with the workspace server and any spawned workspaces. Read more in our documentation, or see all the features.


Workspaces are isolated and personal spaces for developer work. Whether developers use an API, browser, CLI, or SSH to access a workspace, their projects are synchronized and kept consistent. Plug-ins enable service injection into workspaces based upon project type, making every workspace tailored to the projects it manages. Read more in our documentation.


Che includes a growing set of plug-ins. You can also create and package your own. You can also extend Che's runtimes, stacks, commands, look-and-feel. We are starting to build out customization resource center.


Syntax highlighting, stacks, templates, and code assistants.

  • Java
  • C++
  • JavaSript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Project types, scaffold tool integration, and syntax analysis.


Builders to manage unit tests, compilation, linking, and dependencies.

  • Ant
  • Bower
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • Maven
  • Npm

Extensions that integrate the IDE with other parts of the developer tool chain.

  • Git
  • Orion
  • SSH
  • Subversion


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