Package com.bolour.sample.eclipse.demo

Generic extension processing demo.


Interface Summary
IProcessMember Callback interface for processing each extension-point member in generic extension processing.

Class Summary
PrintMemberIdentity Extension-point member-processing implementation class to print identifying information about a member.
PrintMemberMenuAction Event handler for menu to print extension members.
ProcessExtensions Generic extension-processing class: for looping over all members of all extensions of an extension-point, and calling a processing function on each.

Package com.bolour.sample.eclipse.demo Description

Generic extension processing demo.

This package includes a demo of extension processing. The plug-in provides a menu item Demo->Print Extension Members. Invoking this menu item prints a list of the members of the actionSets extension to the console.

By providing explicit parameters to the demo test procedure in class PrintMemberIdentity you can print out member lists of other extension-points.

And by providing your own member-processing class that implements the IProcessMember interface in this package, you can provide custom extension processing procedures for members of an extension-point.