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ACTF aiBrowser build instruction

Getting started

  • Obtain source code
    • Prepare Eclipse and other pre-reqs. (See System Requirements)
    • Download Team Project Set file (*.psf).
    • Unzip the downloaded file and import Team Project Set file (*.psf) from Eclipse's 'File' -> 'Import' -> 'Team' -> 'Team Project Set' menu.
      • Committers: use your committer id and password
      • Others: user -> "anonymous", password -> "" (null)
  • Launch aiBrowser from workspace
    • Open 'org.eclipse.actf.examples.aibrowser' project and select 'aibrowser.product'.
    • Select 'Synchronize' under 'Testing' section.
    • Select 'Launch an Eclipse Application' under 'Testing' section.
  • Build aiBrowser
    • Open 'org.eclipse.actf.examples.aibrowser' project and select 'aibrowser.product'.
    • Open an export product wizard by selecting 'Eclipse product export wizard' under 'Exporting' section and follow the wizard.
    • Follow 'readme.txt' in 'org.eclipse.actf.examples.aibrowser-installer' project.

    System Requirements

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