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ACTF Web Validation Componentry (archive)

This componentry is no longer actively developed or supported.


ACTF Webelo is a collection of Eclipse plugins that allow web content authors and web application developers to perform accessibility compliance validations of their content or applications. Webelo leverages both the new SWT Mozilla browser widget and the Java Reflection API to perform dynamic, non-invasive, and fully configurable validations of your web content or applications. Webelo is unique in that it performs validations against the runtime structures in the Document Object Model (DOM) rendered by the browser rather than on the markup from which that DOM was parsed. The componentry comes packaged with a validation document for assessing accessibility compliance against the IBM Web Accessibility Checklist, v3.5. Documentation is available in the standard Eclipse help system but is incomplete.

The initial release of Webelo, v0.1.0, can be used to validate only static web content that resides on the local machine or at a specified URL. "Static," here, means that the entirety of the DOM is created from the underlying HTML file and that no modifications are made to the DOM once the initial page is loaded. Future releases will contain functionality for validating such modifications and more dynamic content. Also note that, given the very early stage of this portion of ACTF, API and UI components are likely to change without notice.

Webelo Releases

Webelo releases come in two flavors, runtime and SDK releases. Runtime releases provide all of the functionality to enable web content authors and application developers to perform dynamic validations and accessibility compliance evaluations from within the WTP, JEE, or other web-related perspectives. SDK builds provide all source code and an API reference for those wishing to expand the functionality of Webelo, build their own rulebases, or customize the validation engine.

File Version Build ID Size 0.2.0 I200811131001 7420KB 0.2.0 I200811131001 4739KB 0.1.1 N200809081012 4736KB 0.1.1 N200809081012 4171KB

Getting started

Note: You must download and register XULRunner, v1.8.1.3 in order to use Webelo. Follow the instructions on that page for downloading and installing XULRunner.

The best way to get started with Webelo is to read the provided documentation, accessed from within the help system. There are several tasks to review in order to familiarize yourself with the components. Once becoming familiar with basic tasks, you can refer to more detailed sections of the documentation. You can also try right-clicking on any .htm, .html, or .xhtml file and selecting Open with...>ACTF Mozilla Browser.

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