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WTP Logo Contest

Like most projects, the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) is in need of a logo to allow for branding on the WTP website, in articles, in presentations, and other WTP opportunities. WTP is calling for your logo submissions and feedback on current submissions.

Final Logo Selection

The WTP PMC has narrowed the logo selection to the WTP gears logo by Artur Filipiak and wrench on world submitted by Sukma Nugraha. To help the selection process, here are the logos as they will be used on the WTP home page and in presentations. Comments are still accepted on the bug report.

Logos can be submitted by creating an attachment to bug 122593.

Your feedback about these logos is appreciated. Please comment on bug 122593.

The submission deadline is Feb. 14, 2006.

The WTP logo contest is open to everyone. The WTP PMC will make the final logo decision.

A few details about submissions

To make it easier for others to comment on your submission, please include one logo per attachment. When designing a logo, some things to keep in mind are novelty of design and representation of WTP. Also, please remember that the selected logo will be used in print and in various sizes. And, as always when contributing to Eclipse, ensure you have the appropriate rights to your submissions. Do NOT copy or modify images created by others without first obtaining rights to those images. If you do have the rights to modify an existing image, please include a reference to the original image and a declaration of the rights to copy the image in your submission.

Logo Submissions

This list was created on Feb. 13, 2006. Please see bug 122593 for the current submissions.
Some of the submissions contain large files and may take time to load.

1. Globe Logos (submitted by Scott Oja)

2. Globe Logos - Updated (submitted by Scott Oja)

3. Potential Conceptual Icons (submitted by David Williams)

4. Spider-A (submitted by Naci Dai)

5. Spider-B Wireframe (submitted by Naci Dai)

6. Spider-C Globe (submitted by Naci Dai)

7. Spider-D (submitted by Naci Dai)

8. Spider-E and Spider-E1 (submitted by Naci Dai)

9. Spider-F and Spider-F1 (submitted by Naci Dai)

10. Spider-G (submitted by Naci Dai)

11. Vector based logo with cartoon spider (inspired by Tortoise SVN turtle) (submitted by Andy Hoffman)

12. A submission coordinating the idea of other submissions (submitted by Michael Elder)

13. Food for thought - to get you thinking! (submitted by Randy Hudson)

14. Wrench on world (submitted by Sukma Nugraha)

15. A new take on an old idea (submitted by David Sanders)

16. The eclipse family (submitted by Rutger)

17. Eclipse orbit (submitted by Rutger)

18. WTP identifier proposal (submitted by Janet Mockler)

19. WTP and Eclipse == bolt and nut (submitted by Hendrik Ebel)

20. Web Tools Platform (submitted by Aaron)

21. no-wrench-1 (submitted by Eli Spizzichino)

22. no-wrench-2 (submitted by Eli Spizzichino)

23. wtp_image (submitted by Chris W)

24. WTP Logo1 (submitted by Francisco Becerra)

25. WTP Logo2 (submitted by Francisco Becerra)

26. no-wrench-3 (submitted by Eli Spizzichino)

27. WTP Logo - Image only (submitted by Roger Dudler)

28. WTP Logo Showcase (submitted by Roger Dudler)

29. More Wrenches (submitted by Francisco Becerra)

30. WTP Gears (submitted by Artur Filipiak)

31. WTP Gears in Red (submitted by Artur Filipiak)

32. Simple Wrench (submitted by Tri Seprian Damayanto)

33. Eclipse Shape (submitted by Tri Seprian Damayanto)

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