The WST "ws" (Web services) component
The WST "ws" (Web services) component
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The WST ws component contains tools for developing and interacting with Web services Internet preferences (e.g. proxy server configuration), internal and external Web browser support, and the TCP/IP monitor.

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Milestone plans:

1.0 M10 milestone plan
1.0 M9 milestone plan
1.0 M8 milestone plan
0.7 M5 milestone plan
0.7 M4 milestone plan
0.7 M3 milestone plan

Test plans:

1.0 M10 test plan
1.0 M9 test plan
1.0 M8 test plan
0.7 M5 test plan
0.7 M4 test plan
0.7 M3 test plan


Index of WST WS design documents.


See the index of JST WS tutorials.

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The WST "ws" (Web services) component

The following plugins are contained in this component:


The Apache Axis v1.2.1 runtime and emtters.


The Apache WSIL4J v1.0 model.


The UDDI4J v2 client API.

Contains the Web Services extension framework and common preferences.

The Web Services Explorer Eclipse Web application with full support for UDDI v2 compatible registries and support for browsing and dynamically invoking Web services described using WSDL and Schema.

Contains common frameworks for finding Web services and for managing Web service preferences, particularly those pertaining to UDDI.

Contains user interface componentry, including preference pages, for