ws M3
WST Web services tools

M3 Plan
Apache Infrastructure
  • Upgrade Apache Axis from 1.0 to 1.1. [high]
Web Services Parser
  • Migrate Web Services Explorer "favourites code" down to parser plugin. [high]
Web Services Explorer
  • Define JSP precompilation build process for creating Web Services Explorer WAR. [medium]
  • Enable the Web Services Explorer. [medium]
  • Remove dependencies on JST components. [medium]
    • Remove dependencies on JST Web Services wizards.
    • Define extension point(s) for registering WSDL "processors" with the Explorer.
    • Remove dependencies on JST J2EE tools.
    • Enhance Web Service Finder framework for locating J2EE (via extensions from JST) Web services.
    • Exploit Web Service Finder framework in Web Services Explorer for WSDL import.
  • Add JUnit testcases to exercise Web Service Explorer and WSParser function. [medium]
  • Integrate missing JavaDoc. [medium]
  • Housekeeping: Clean up compilation warnings. Common cases: [medium]
    • Organize imports.
    • Stop using deprecated symbols.
    • Stop using Java 1.5 reserved symbols (eg. "enum").
    • Stop using non-static references to statics.
    • Assign serializable static UIDs (eg. to classes extending java.lang.Exception).
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