Structured Text Viewer Configuration
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Editor features

Make sure the following exists for each content type and especially check JSP content assist since embedded content types tend to be more problematic (Java, jsp:useBean, el).


Also make sure when save as another filename/content type, the viewer configuration updates as well . (meaning if you have xml then save as jsp, you pick up jsp content assist, etc).

  • syntax highlighting (all)
  • text hover & annotation hover (all)
    - eg. errors, javadoc, content model
  • content assist (xml, html, jsp, css)
  • as-you-type source validation (xml, html, jsp, dtd)
    - eg. squiggles appear/disapper
    - syntax & content model validation for XML (w/ DTD or schema)
    - HTML & JSP validation for JSPs
    - make sure theres no source validation for content types that don't have it yet(CSS, DTD...)
  • hyperlink navigation (xml, html, jsp)
    - eg. opens to the correct file/site
  • quickfix (xml, html)
    - eg. XML inserts closing tag

Also be sure to do a quick test of XSD and WSDL editors, to be sure that our changes didn't inadvertantly break downstream editors.

Source Editing Test Plans