Code Folding
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General Information

To enable folding:
Preferences->General->Editors->Structured Text Editors->Appearance->Enable folding
Context menu of editor's vertical ruler->Folding->Enable Folding


Here is some information on what constitutes a foldable region

  • folding for xml creates folding region for all xml tags
  • folding for html creates folding region for head, body, script, style, table tags
  • folding for jsp creates folding region for jsp scriptlet tags
  • folding for css creates folding region for all style rules

Relevant bugs:


  • Verify Enable folding preference turns on/off folding and removes folding markers in vertical ruler
  • Verify Folding vertical ruler menu (Enable Folding, Expand All, Collapse All)
  • Verify when create new foldable region, code folding markers appear when create new foldable region via
    • type in a region by hand
    • insert via outline view
    • insert via content assist
    • insert via copy/paste
  • Verify when delete foldable region, folding markers disappear
  • Verify typing and pasting text before/after folded region types normally
  • Verify typing and pasting text in the middle of folded region expands folded region
  • Verify big document changes such as format/cleanup/revert/undo don't break folding
  • Verify Save As different content type and New Editor (so 2 editors open on same file) do not break the editor

Source Editing Test Plans