WTP Server Tools - Servers Status
Server adapter status

Last modified December 6, 2012


[This document is a work in progress. The document is an attempt to capture a list of the WTP servers and its adopter website]

If you find any of the information in this webpage incorrect or would like to add information, please open a bug against WTP Servertools

In collaboration from IBM and SAS
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 3.2
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 4.0
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 4.1
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 5.0
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 5.5
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 6.0
  • Apache Tomcat Versions 7.0
Contributed by IBM
  • HTTP Preview
  • J2EE Preview
  • HTTP Server
From a division of Red Hat
  • JBoss Versions 3.2.3
  • JBoss Versions 4.0
  • JBoss Versions 4.2
  • JBoss Versions 5.0
From a division of ...
  • ObjectWeb Java(TM) Open Application Server (JOnAS) Version 4
  • Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) Standalone Server Version 10.1.3
  • Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) Standalone Server Version 10.1.3.n
  • IBM WebSphere v6
Other downloadable Servers hosted in external sites and not mantained by WTP
  • Geronimo Core feature v2.1
  • Geronimo v1.0 Server
  • Geronimo v1.1.x Server
  • Geronimo v2.0 Server
  • Geronimo v2.1 Server
  • Glassfish Server v2.1 Java EE 5
  • Glassfish Server Open Source Edition v3
  • Glassfish Server v3.1
  • Oracle WebLogic Server tools v1.1.x
  • WASCE core Feature v2.0.0
  • WASCE v1.1.x
  • WASCE v2.0
  • WASCE v2.1
  • WTP Server adapter for WeSphere Application Server v1.x