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WTP 3.9.1

eclipse web tools platform release 3.9.1

Status as of 2017-09-27

WTP 3.9.1 was officially released on September 27, 2017. It addresses a number of bugs in the original 3.9 release requested by adopters and the community at large. The next scheduled maintenance release, WTP 3.9.1a, will be part of Oxygen.1a in mid-October. Users of Oxygen should use the Oxygen Update Site, , to update to Oxygen.1 and WTP 3.9.1. Anyone with the feature patch for bug 518987 should remove it before doing so.

Reported and Known Problems

All reported problems are recorded in the Eclipse Bugzilla system under:

All reported problems

Check for suggested workarounds in the bug report comments. Remember: bugs that aren't reported have little chance of being fixed.

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