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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.6
New and Noteworthy



Pick Colors from Preview

    When hovering over a color value in the CSS editor, a preview of the color is presented. The Edit Property Color toolbar action will open the system color dialog to edit this color.


Validation Filters for HTML Attributes

    HTML validation can now be configured to ignore specific attributes or attribute patterns. This can be useful for attributes that are used throughout a document but are not defined by the specification. A comma-separated list of attribute patterns can be configured at the workspace level under Window > Preferences > Web > HTML Files > Validation.

    In addition, quick fixes have been added that will make it easy to add attribute patterns to this list.


Add Import Declarations for Unresolved Java Types

    The JSP editor can now add import declarations for unresolved types in scriptlet regions. Select the unresolved type in the editor and choose Add Import (Ctrl+Shift+M/Cmd+Shift+M) from the Source menu.

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