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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.14
New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the more noteworthy features available in WTP 3.14, also available as part of the 2019-06 Simultaneous Release (June 19th, 2019). Download it now!

Faceted Project Framework

Java Facets

    Faceted projects can now specify that they use Java 12. Early Access is also included for declaring that a project uses Java 13.

Source Editing

    The XML, HTML, XML Schema, JSP, and XSL Editors now offer multiple configurations in their Quick Outline (by default, Ctrl/Cmd+O). The configurations can cycle between the original filtering on node names and additional filtering on the first lines of text and comment nodes, plus identifying attribute values. When editing HTML sources, for example, this secondary configuration can be used to quickly find an element by its "id" attribute value.

    The Quick Outline cycling and filtering

Comment and Text previews in the Outline View

    The XML, HTML, XML Schema, JSP, and XSL Editors now show the first few words of comments and uncommented text when identifying attributes are being shown for elements.

    Updated Outline View

Summaries for earlier releases:
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