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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1
New and Noteworthy


Web Services

WSDL4J 1.5.1

    The web services components have been updated to use WSDL4J 1.5.1.

Service Policy Preference page has been moved

    The Service Policies preference page has been moved from the main root of the preference page to the General category.

    Service Policy preference page

Web Services Wizard settings are saved

    Previous to WTP 3.1, many text entry fields did not persist previously entered/selected values. New in WTP 3.1 M6, the text entry fields are editable combo boxes- upon completion of the wizards, values from previous invocations are persisted and can be selected again. Further, values in Service definition/implementation fields are filtered according to the selected Web service or Client type.

    Bottom up Java bean Web Service

    Top down Java bean Web Service

    Web Services Client wizard

    The ANT import wizard has been improved to allow the user to import ANT files specific to the Web service runtime Web service type they are interested in. This allows for better organization of files related to Web services ANT, and gets rid of the requirement to update the wsgen file according to the Web service type they are interested in. Further an extension point has been added to allow adopters to extend the wizard, adding their own Web service runtimes and Web service types.

    ANT Import

Service definition extension point added so adopters can provide a way to locate workspace artifacts

    A new service definition locator extension point has been added to allow adopter extensions to register their own IFile to URI converter to 'customize' how to look up and resolve files.

    See <extension-point id="ifile2uriconverter" schema="schema/ifile2uriconverter.exsd"/>


WSDL 1.4 removed from WTP

    The WSDL 1.4 bundle (javax.wsdl_1.4.0) has been removed from the WTP distribution zips.


Export diagram as PNG image

    The Export Diagram as Image function now supports the PNG format.

    Export diagram as PNG image

Prompt user for file when adding a WSDL import from the WSDL Editor

    If the preference is turned on, whenever the user adds a WSDL import, a dialog will appear to prompt the user to specify the location of the file to be imported.

    WSDL Files Prompt for location preference

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