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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0
New and Noteworthy


Structured Source Editing

Redesigned Syntax Coloring preference pages

    Syntax Coloring preferences for the WTP source editors now resemble those of the Java and C/C++ editors. Users can still click within the Sample text to find the matching style, however.

    Syntax Coloring preference page for XML

Formatting selection

    The command previously known as Format Document will now just be known as Format. This is because if the user selects some text, the Format command will now just format the elements selected. If no text is selected, Format Document is performed. The Format Active Elements command remains the same. When users invoke that action, it will format the element the cursor is currently on.

    Smarter Format action

New hyperlinking preferences

    The Eclipse platform has implemented a Hyperlinking preference page for Text Editors where users may specify the kinds of hyperlink navigation they want enabled. The kinds of Hyperlink created by the WTP source editors are now available in that list. This new preference page can be found under the Text Editors preference page.

    Hyperlink preferences

Spell checking quick fixes

    English spelling dictionaries were added in Eclipse 3.3 M7. See the section entitled "English spelling dictionaries" in the Eclipse 3.3 M7 New & Noteworthy here for more details. Quick fix proposals have been added to assist with correcting reported spelling errors. Users can invoke Quick Fix through the Edit menu on the main menu bar or with the shortcut key Ctrl+1 (may vary based on platform)

    Spell checking quick fix for XML

Smart caret positioning

    The source editors now follow the Text Editors Smart Home/End preferences. For users who would rather not have this behavior, it can be disabled from the Text Editors preference page.

    Smart caret positioning preference

Pop-up and proposal color preferences

    Users can now specify their own color preferences for the background and foreground of the completion proposals and parameter hints popup windows. New preferences are found on the Structured Text Editors preference page.

    Coloring preference tab for Structured Text Editors

    Custom colors in the proposal list pop-up


Reordered New XML Wizard

    The first two pages of the New XML File wizard have been reordered to conform to more typical wizard behavior. Users can now specify a file name and click Finish if they want to use the defaults or proceed by clicking Next to specify more options.

    The new first page in the XML Wizard

    The new second page in the XML Wizard

Entity reference syntax coloring

    Users can now specify their own color preference for entity references. The new preference can be found in the XML Syntax Coloring preference page.

    Entity References in a Syntax Coloring preference page

New formatting preferences

    Users can now specify if they want all text and whitespace to be left alone in tags with PCDATA content when formatting the document. Users can also specify if they want the formatter to align the end bracket of their start tag with the begin bracket for tags that span more than one line. These options can be found on the XML Source preference page.

    New whitespace and bracket alignment options

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