WTP 1.5 - New and Noteworthy
web tools platform release 1.5 - new and noteworthy
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New and Noteworthy

Summer's here, and while WTP 1.0 shipped a scant 6 months ago, a much-improved WTP 1.5 is ready to roll out as part of the Callisto train. WTP 1.5 development focused heavily on functional stabilization, as well as UI and performance improvements, but some frequently requested new features still managed to work their way into this release. Here are some of the more noteworthy features available in WTP 1.5 (June 30, 2006), which is now available for download here. WTP 1.5 can also be installed by following the directions on the Callisto Discovery Site. Chances are you'll find it waiting to be installed in the Update Manager.


Common Tools and Frameworks
Data Tools
J2EE Tools
Server Tools
Web Resource (HTML, CSS) Tools
Web Services and WSDL Tools
XML, XML Schema and DTD Tools


You can also view the more than 1400 bugs that were fixed during this release.


The above features are just the ones that are new since the previous release. Summaries for earlier releases.