jst j2ee test plan
j2ee development component

The following scenarios present instructions on how to use the various features which were delivered as part of WTP R1.5. Our purpose in detailing these features is to allow users of all backgrounds to begin testing and providing feedback.

The exit criteria for the J2EE Tools contribution is as follows:

  • Execute each of the scenarios described below with success
  • Run all JUnit tests with passing results
  • Address all blocking defects found before the 1.5 declaration

Test scenarios
Component/Project support
WTP Project Explorer
EJB/Servlet Annotation support
Web Services
Test scenario status
Scenarios Status Blocking bugz
EAR component creation
EAR component import
EAR component export
Application module property page
Connector component creation
Connector component import
Connector component export
EJB, EJB Client component creation
EJB, EJB Client component import
EJB, EJB Client component export
Web component creation
Web component import
Web component export
Jar Dependency property sheet
Structural builder
EAR, EJB, WAR Validation
Project Explorer
Run WAR(Servlet) on Tomcat
Run EJB on JBoss