JST Web Services Tools Milestone 3 Test Plan
JST Web Services Tools Milestone 3 Test Plan
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Status of this Plan

Proposed Plan (2-21-2005)

Overall goals
Co-developer Testing

We will inspect "runtime" version of build to be sure extra source is not included, and more important, we'll inspect and test importing SDK version to be sure all relevant "open source" is included in that SDK build and that it correctly imports into a development environment.

API Testing

We don't have any official API yet in M3 but will reserve this space for future plans to details where API Unit tests are, their coverage, etc.

End User Testing

We will be testing the Web Services wizard, Web Services Client wizard, Web Services context menus, Web Services preferences pages and the Web Services Explorer.


As we progress through milestones, we'll add more and more specific details to each scenario.

Platform Testing

While we do not have any platform specific code, or function, we will have some team members do end-user tests on Linux, some on Windows.

Performance Testing

We are in the process of adding some automated test cases. We will continue to add more test cases in upcoming milestones.

Test scenarios
Axis bottom up Java Web services
Axis top down Java Web services
Axis Web Service client Java proxy
Web Service Explorer
Web Service context menus
Web Services preferences
Dynamic Wizard Framework