Creating Dynamic Web Project
Creating a Dynamic Web Project
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By Kathy Chan
December 22, 2005

Creating a Web project targeting Tomcat 5.0
  1. Open File -> New -> Other... -> Web -> Dynamic Web Project to create a dynamic Web project.
  2. Click Next .
  3. Enter the name of the Web project into the Project Name field.
  4. Proceed to one of the following steps:
    • No server runtime installed.
      • If you have not previously configured a server runtime, use the New... button beside the Target runtime field to do so.
      • Proceed to next step depending on whether target runtime is automatically selected.
    • Target runtime automatically selected
      • If you had previously installed a Tomcat 5.0 server runtime and the workbench default JRE is set to JRE 1.4, then the Target runtime field should be automatically set to Apache Tomcat v5.0 .

      • Click Finish .
    • Target runtime field is blank
      • Click Next to go to the Add/Remove Project Facet page.
      • Click on the Java version field to select 1.4 .

      • Click back on the Java field. When the Apache Tomcat v5.0 shows up in the Runtimes pane, click on the Bind button to bind to that runtime.

      • Click Finish .
  5. Say Yes to accept the license agreement.
  6. Say Yes to open the J2EE perspective and you will see the Web project you created listed under Dynamic Web Projects in the Project Explorer view. Expand the Web project to see its contents.
Creating a Web project targetting Tomcat 5.5

Follow steps similar to the above to create a Web project targeting Tomcat 5.5 except that you will have to pick Java version 5.0 in the Add/Remove Project Facet page.