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Eclipse Web Tools Platform - Apache Geronimo Server Adapter
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Extended Server Support

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform has added Apache Geronimo to its list of supported servers. Geronimo users can now develop and deploy Web applications directly to this popular Web application server directly from within Eclipse!


This support has been added via bugzilla 94219. You can download the initial code contribution for this support below to start working immediately with WTP M4. The code has also been integrated into CVS and will start appearing in future WTP builds.

Download the Eclipse WTP Apache Geronimo server adapter for WTP M4. WTP 0.7M5 and newer include Geronimo support out-of-the-box.
Download the Apache Geronimo server.
Read the tutorial, Create, deploy, and debug Apache Geronimo applications: How to use the new Eclipse plug-in for Geronimo by Tim Francis.