JSP Component
JSP Component Overview

Last modified November 29, 2005


[This document is a work in progress. It is an attempt to capture the key concepts of the WTP JSP Component. Note that the concepts presented here may differ from what is found in the currently released code. This document describes the architecture, or "end goal", of the component. Once this document is finalized, the intent is to bring the code and its specs into line with this document.]


The jsp ui component has the API needed to support jsp regions in editors.


StructuredTextViewerConfigurationJSP can be used by clients to access processors used to handle JSP regions. Processors include: autoedit, content assist, text hover, reconciler.

JSP Core

The jsp core component has the API needed to support the jsp model.

Content type

ContentTypeIdForJSP contains the content type id for JSP. For more information, see: org.eclipse.jst.jsp.core.contenttype

Content Model

The JSP content model includes content models for JSP 1.1, JSP 1.2, and JSP 2.0. For more information, see: org.eclipse.jst.jsp.core

StructuredDocument regions

JSP StructuredDocument regions include various regions commonly found in JSP documents. Structured document regions include: jsp comment open/close brackets, jsp directive open/close brackets. For more information, see org.eclipse.jst.jsp.core.model.parser

Partition Types

JSP partition types include various partition types found in JSP documents. Partition types include: jsp directive, jsp comment, java content, javascript content. For more information, see: org.eclipse.jst.jsp.core.text

Custom Tag Libraries

A central Taglib Index is provided to locate tag library descriptors for use when constructing JSP models and to list those available.