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test plan: Ear Modules
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This test plan walks you through the scenario of how to set up modules in an Enterprise Application module (EAR).


This test plan scenario works on WTP 0.7 M5 or later milestone releases.


    The Ear Java Jar Dependencies properties page is used to add/remove modules in an EAR. To launch this properties page right click on any EAR project project

  1. Create and EAR

  2. Right click on the EAR module created and select Properties-> J2EE Module Dependencies->EAR modules

  3. The Web, EJB,Connector and AppClient modules will be shown as the available modules

  4. The Java project are also shown, if one choosen, are converted to jst.utility component and added as a dependent module of the EAR.

  5. Select any module, try to add and remove some, no error should be thrown.