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test plan: Application Client Module validation
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Validation on J2EE modules can be manual or automatic. To run it manually you need to select the J2EE module, right click and select Run Validation on the pop up menu. The automatic validation is triggered during a full build or an incremental build if auto build preference is turned on there is delta i.e a change in one of the resources in the modules. The validators that are registered to run on a J2EE module can be seen on the validation properties page.


    The Application Client Validator validates J2EE 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 specification artifacts and other artifacts that are related to the workbench for Application client modules or an App Client(jar) archives. For each of the validated scenario if an error condition is found the validator puts out a Error, Warning or Informational message in the problems view based on the severity of the error condition. Here are the list of artifacts and how to validate these artifacts.

  1. Create and App Client module and delete the default main class created and the Main-Class: Main entry from the MANIFEST.MF file.

    Result: Ensure a validation appears for the missing main class in an app client that is required for an app client as per spec.,

  2. Test project/module mismatch: Create a 1.2 and 1.3 application client project. Copy the 1.2 header from the xml file into the xml file of the 1.3 project, and vice-versa. You should get validation errors.