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test plan: To test the publishable results from the J2EE Deployable
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This test case walkthroughs the steps required to verify the output from the J2EE Deployable members method.


  1. First set up JONAS Runtime from the Windows->Preferences->Server->Installed Runtime.

    Figure 1: Setup the JONAS Runtime from Windows->Preferences->Server->Installed Runtime.

  2. Open J2EE perspective, in the Navigator, right click and choose "Import" and then choose "Archive"

    Figure 2: Open the J2EE Perspective.

    Figure 3: Download the following Web project. TestWeb.zip. Navigate via the browse button and select this zip from disk. Set a Project Name, select your Target runtime, and click finish.

  3. Go to the project in the Project Explorer, and expand to verify all files were imported correctly. Now select to run on server.

    After that finishes, go to verify the content in the published directory in the server tools. Verify that there is only one web-inf folder and that it contains files from both web content folders. Ensure all java is there and verify the imported_classes are placed in webInf/classes.

Repeat the steps with the following EJB project...