Web Tools Platform 1.0M3 - New and Noteworthy

This milestone is has been targetted to provide more richer function in view of using the milestone build for EclipseCon Feb 2005. Effort has been put in to provide well documented features with JavaDoc. Here are some noteworthy features to explore in this milestone:

J2EE Models and Tools

Flexible Project Structure

New tooling for creating and deploying resources capsulated by modules across remote and containing projects. Initially, For M3, flexible project support can be created from the Dynamic Web Project Creation wizard (File->New->Project-> Web -> Dynamic Web Project):

Users can create and modify flexible module structures by updating the synchronized .wtpModule file.

Modules can be deployed using the server tooling function.

Design Doc: FlexibleProjectStructureDesignOverview.html
API: Flexible Project API
Tutorial: Maven Tutorial using Flexible Projects

Servlet creation and tooling

The tooling now supports two styles of servlet creation within dynamic web projects. The first is xdoclet annotated servlet creation, where an annotated servlet class is created and and the web app deployment descriptor artifacts are generated during every build. The second is non annotated servlet creation where a plain java servlet class is used and only the specific servlet deployment descriptor information is updated in the web app during creation. The servlet creation wizard is easily found in the Dynamic Web Group in the J2EE project explorer or from the File->New menu.

Servlet Creation Wizard

EJB creation

The tooling supports creation of Annotated Session Bean using XDoclet

picture description

Project Explorer

Project Explorer has been redesigned to have the following features.

  1. Content contributed by separate extenstions. The content can be provided by adding the navigatorContent extension point which gives the ability to add multiple content providers for a given element. The example below show the content provided by using navigatorContent extension point.
  2. Resource and Java extensions included. Resource and Java extensions are added to the Project Explorer by adding them using the navigatorContent extension.
  3. Grouping extensions. The extensions can be grouped and the groups are provided by navigatorGroup extension point.

Jar dependency support

A Jar dependency page is added to the property sheet of all J2EE module projects: EJB project, Application Client project, Web project, and Connector project. This page allows you to edit jar dependencies of the selected project.

Validation Framework

Individual Validation Marker support

The Validation framework now supports different Problem marker type for each Validator. This allows for more specific filtering of the list of Problems based on the Problem type selected in the Problems Filters dialog.

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