j2ee M3
j2ee models, natures and builders for J2EE projects

M3 Plan Status: initial version under development and review - updated 2005-2-18
Flexible project structure
  • Module core Metadata/api design [high]
  • Module Nature api [high]
  • Deployment builder [high]
  • ModuleEditModel - Resource loading [high]
  • Migrate existing code for flex scheme [medium]
  • Flex Project server api synchronization [high]
EJB support
  • Annotation API cleanup [low]
    • General API cleanup and refactoring
  • Session/Servlet tags supported for jdt editor code assist [high]
  • XDoclet Annotation Extension [high]
    • Ability to choose xdoclet runtime/preferences
    • Extend j2ee annotation to provide xdoclet code assist in java editors
    • Resolve all high severity bugs reported in bugzilla
  • EJB Wizards [high]
    • EJB Creation Wizards that provide shells for EJB beans with Xdoclet annotations
    • Create emf jet templates for java code generated by EJB wizards
    • Resolve all high severity bugs reported in bugzilla
  • JUnit tests for EJB annotation support [medium]
    • Increase coverage
  • Support server tools [high]
    • Support server tools to deploy, test, debug simple Session EJBS on servers.
  • Complete Navigator integration (including WSDL) [medium]
Servlet Creation
  • Servlet creation wizard/operations [medium]
  • Additional marker support [medium]
  • Add Validation JUnits (removing UI dependency) [medium]
  • Testcase document for Global Validation UI Tests [medium]
  • Validation Framework Overall document [medium]
Project Explorer
  • Additional refactoring(make seperate resource and Java extensions) [medium]
  • Add action framework [medium]
Dependency jar property sheet
  • Implement Dependency jar property sheet [medium]
Define Performance tests
  • Perform JUnit for any exposed api/function [medium]
Code Migration(Capture rename/API changes)
  • API migration [high]
WTP Web content
  • collect/publish plans/doc/api/whats new/tutorials for M3 [medium]
  • Reorganize/Format to WTP(eclipse) standard(XML with stylesheet) [medium]
General API disclosure/Cleanup
  • API: Navigator [medium]
  • API: J2EE Model [medium]
  • API: Flexible Project api [medium]
  • API: WTP Datamodel/Operation/Wizards [medium]
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