j2ee M2
j2ee models, natures and builders for J2EE projects

What's Happening?
For R1.0-Milestone 2, we will focus on the following items:
  • Api cleanup (package refactor internal/external)
  • Plugin refactoring for reducing dependencies
  • Create J2EE perspective
  • Bug fixing
  • Complete releasing junit tests
  • Complete releasing performance junit tests
  • Build Feature rework
  • Flexible Project structure (Design, Plan, Remove artificial restrictions)
  • API rollout in M3
  • Project Explorer refactoring
  • J2EE UI refactoring (Into ejb/servlet components)
  • J2EE Project metadata files consolidated
  • Simple (Non-J2EE) Web Project support
item is under development. item is under investigation.
item is finished. help wanted
item is deferred. new