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Meeting Notes: 2005-10-24.
  • Project Status Update
  • Feedback on Milestone 1 Features
  • Issues
Meeting Notes


  • Raghu Srinivasan[RS]
  • Ian Trimble[IT]
  • Gerry Kessler[GK]
  • Justin Chen[JU]
  • Jean Choi[JC]
  • George DiCandio [GD]
  • Bob Gallagher[BG]


  • John Rohrlich
  • David Williams
  • Ismael Ghalimi
Project Status Update - RS
  • Project website (http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/jsf/index.html) has been updated. Please review and give your feedback on improvements to the website. Notes from the status calls will be posted here.
  • Status update on Sybase participation: Jean Choi informed that they are investigating the areas in the project to participate and also waiting for Legal approval. No specific dates set for these items. Jean Choi will meet with Raghu this week to discuss their participation.
  • Gerry Kessler and Ian Trimble are working on the features for milestone 1. We will post updates to the Milestone 1 feature page to clarify the latest thinking on these features.
Feedback on Milestone 1 Features
  • Jean Choi - What are the additional content assist support we are planning to provide in the JSF Editor over above the JSP Editor in WTP?
  • Raghu Srinivasan - For Milestone 1, we are not planning on any additional(JSF specific) content assist support. We will provide a wizard for creation of a JSF page. (Item 4 in the M1 Feature page).
  • George DiCandio - Is Jean referring to the Graphical Editor for a JSF-page? That feature is out-of-scope for the first release.
  • [JC] - No, this is about the Source Editor.
  • [GC] - Additional content assist in the JSF Editor is in scope for the project, but is not planned for M1.

Action Items