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Meeting Notes: 2005-10-17.
  • Project Status Update
  • Feedback on Milestone 1 Features
  • Issues
Meeting Notes


  • Raghu Srinivasan[RS]
  • Ian Trimble[IT]
  • Gerry Kessler[GK]
  • Justin Chen[JU]
  • Jean Choi[JC]
  • John Rohrlich
Project Status Update - RS
  • Sybase has expressed desire to participate in the project. Raghu met with Jean Choi, Senior Manager and Michael Ho, Staff Software Engineer on Friday (2005-10-14).They are thinking of contributing both code and resources.
  • Jean Choi mentioned that they are waiting for approval from their management to proceed with the project.
  • Intalio , a BPM company has also indicated their desire to contribute to this project. Their co-founder, Ismael Ghalimi, will attend the status call next week.
Feedback on Milestone 1 Features
  • John Rohrlich - When will the code be available?
  • Raghu Srinivasan - The date for the first code drop is expected to be around mid-November. The date will be affected by the nature of the Sybase contribution.
  • [JH] - Why do we need to specify the Tag Libraries when registering an implementation?
  • Ian Trimble - Will look into it and refine the doc.
  • [JH] - Wizard should not be required to create a JSF page. Selecting the New JSF menu should create a JSF page with default.
  • [RS] - Wizard similar to creating a new JSP page. Will keep the UI experience consistent.
  • Jean Choi - The Wizard will provide option to choose a JSF template
  • [JH] - Will review the New JSP Wizard user experience and will post additional comments in the newsgroup.
  • [JH]- Why do we a new API to add a JSF Facet to a web application? Can't we use existing API?
  • [RS] - New API will allow user to specify parameters such as the supported JSF version.

Action Items