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Meeting Notes: 2005-10-11.
  • Project Status Update
  • Feedback on Milestone 1 Features
  • Issues
Meeting Notes


  • Raghu Srinivasan[RS]
  • Ian Trimble[IT]
  • David Williams[DW]
  • George DiCandio[GD]
  • Bob Gallagher[BG]
Project Status Update [RS]
  • Status meetings will be held weekly instead of fortnightlly.Meeting will be held every Monday at 11.00 AM PDT.
  • First draft of the feature set that is planned for Milestone 1 has been posted for review.
  • Milestone 1 is planned to be released on December 16, 2005.
  • Project website is being updated and will be available next week.
Feedback on Milestone 1 Features
  • David Williams - Question on 'Register JSF implementation'. Are there multiple JSF implementations? What is the need for this feature?
  • George DiCandio - Registering the JSF implementation and adding a JSF Facet to a dynamic web application project should be combined into one feature. Why are they separate features? Where will the information be stored - in the workspace?
  • Ian Trimble - Registering a JSF implementation is similar to registering a JRE. Registry information will be for each workspace.
  • [DH] - This is a good test case for the project Facet API. Strongly urge to keep the user experience simple. For example, if there is only one JSF implementation registered, then it should be chosen as the default.
  • [GD] - What is JSF Template in the New JSF Wizard?
  • [RS]- The template will define the initial source of the JSF page, similar to the JSP Templates in the New JSP Wizard.
  • [GD, DW]- When is Milestone 1 planned to be released? What base version of WTP will it be based on?
  • [RS]- Milestone 1 is currently planned to be released on December 16, 2005. It will be based on WTP 1.0 release.

Action Items

Send reminder of the weekly status meeting call to the WTP-PMC group. [RS]