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Meeting Notes: 2006-09-11.
Meeting Notes


  • Raghu Srinivasan[RS]
  • Gerry Kessler[GK]
  • Cameron Bateman[CB]
  • Justin Chen[JU]
  • Tim Wagner [TW]
  • David Williams[DW]


  • Jean Choi [JC]
WTP 2.0 Release status
  • Support for JavaServer Faces(1.2)
    • Unified Expression language: Requirements has been published at JSF Tools Project Wiki . The document identifies the features that are common to both the JSP and JSF tooling and those that apply only to the JSF tool. We will review this with the community. We will also coordinate with the WST/JSP team on some of the functionalities that they might be working on in this area .
  • Visual JSF Page Designer
    • Requirements for the Visual Page Designer has been defined. A document listing the requirements will be posted on the wiki this week.
  • Other features
    • We are reviewing the definition and usage of meta-data in the project. We are also investigating enhancement requests for the JSF Library Registry.
Other topics
  • Sybase contribution
    • David Williamns expressed the need to have adequate resources to maintain the contribution including writing automated tests, performance tests.
    • Tim Wagner to follow up with Eclipse legal on the IP clearance for the contribution.
Action Items
  • Raghu to notify the community on the requirement doc.
  • Tim to follow-up with Eclipse legal on the Sybase contribution