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Web Tools Platform Project IP Log

Web Tools Platform Project IP Log

This log is specifically for WTP Version 3 (Ganymede Release) and related activity during 2007-2008 development cycle. Please see previous IP log for complete history and information specific to earlier versions.

There is an equivlent, but flat, version of this ip log that might be preferred for printing, or archiving for any particular release.

Committer List

Most of the code in WTP, of course, comes from the dedicated work of the WTP Committers. The current, dynamically updated list of Committers and sub-project teams are always available in the Eclipse Portal's Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project.

Addiitonally, the exact list of committers for the WTP 3.0 (Ganymede) release is provided for printing or archival purposes.

Contributed Code

In addition to the code contributed by committers, there are a number of contributions from non-committers. We receive these contributions as bugzilla attachments, they are contributed as EPL, and are listed in bugzialla entries with contributed code.

Third Party Code Redistributed with WTP

As with any other large software project, not all the code in WTP is new, but some comes from other, third party sources. This class of code has undergone the Eclipse Foundation's IP Review Proecess and been Approval for re-distribution. The Third Party Code Redistributed with WTP table lists the third party software that is distributed with WTP.

Other Third Party Dependancies

There is some third party software we depend on, to various degrees, but which we do not distribute ourselves. It is assumed users already have it, or could easily obtain a version from the source of their choice. For a description of this other third party code, see Other Third Party Dependancies

Third Party IP Licensed for Redistribution with Incubating Projects

This information about incubating projects is for information only, and not part of the release reveie, per se. It documents third party software which is part of our incubating sub-projects (ATF, and the WTP Incubator). These bundles in Third Party Code in Incubating Projects Table has either gone through the Eclipse IP Review, or is going through the Parallel IP Review Process. Since these projects are still incubating, they are not being "released" for general use ... it is only for use by committers and earlier testers, not for casual end-users or production products.

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