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The WTP project uses an open process to establish requirements. The process is run by the Requirements Group who report to the WTP PMC. The Requirements Group gathers requirements from all stakeholders, including users, developers, vendors, and the Eclipse Foundation, using a variety of sources such as newsgroups, mailing lists, Bugzilla, and conference calls.


Requirements are summarized in documents that are published on this Web site for public review, and then submitted to the WTP PMC as input to the release planning process.

Requirements Group

The requirements process for the WTP project is run by the Requirements Group. The current members of this group are:


The Requirements Group holds periodic conference calls. The minutes of these calls are listed in the Requirements Conference Calls page.

Requirements Conference Calls
WTP Requirements Documents

WTP requirements are described in the following documents:

Eclipse Web Tools Project DRAFT 1.0 Plan
Eclipse Web Tools Project DRAFT 1.5 Plan
Web Tools Bugzilla

Requirements are recorded in Bugzilla using the Request for Enhancement (RFE) mechanism. You create a Web Tools RFE by entering a new bug and setting its fields as follows:

Product: Web Tools
Severity: enhancement

The current list of RFEs is given by a live Bug List query.

Enter a New Web Tools RFE
Web Tools RFE List
wtp-requirements Mailing List

The wtp-requirements mailing list is now available for discussions about project requirements. Members of the community can raise requirements in the mailing list and members of the requirements group will monitor the list and create Bugzilla RFEs. Members of the community may also create Bugzilla RFEs themselves.

Post a message to wtp-requirements
wtp-requirements Archives
wtp-requirements Information
Archived Web Tools Requirements

Initial requirements for WTP were captured on a wiki. New requirements should be discussed in the mailing list and recorded in Bugzilla.

Web Tools Requirements Wiki
Web Tools Project requirements and use cases for Release 0.7