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Proposals allow technical contributors in the community to outline requests for new functionality or to provide initial suggestions for new functionality to the community in a persistable, open manner.


Feedback on these proposals is encouraged by adding comments to referenced bugs or via the mailing list (wtp-dev unless otherwise specified). Please include a reference (URL) to the proposal that you are providing feedback for any e-mails to the mailing list.

New WTP Flexible Project Proposals : Provides an overview of the proposed features from the platform. Added (09/07/05).
Feature Framework Specification Proposal : A proposal to introduce a concept of a "feature" for the Virtual components. Component Features would replace the existing concept of a single component type identifier and would provide a way to specify the precise functionality that should be enabled for a component. Added (05/10/05).
WTP Project Facet Definitions : This describes the base facets that will be defined in the WTP 1.0 Release. Added (11/04/05).
Flexible Project Concepts : Defines terminology and concepts for the Flexible Project Structure design. Added (02/19/05).
Flexible Project Design Overview : Provides an overview of the current design solution. Added (02/19/05).