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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.3 M4
New and Noteworthy


Dali Java Persistence Tools

Refactoring support for Java Type level and Mapping File refactoring

    Dali now participates in the following Java Type refactorings:
    • Delete/Rename/Move Java class
    • Delete/Rename/Move Java package
    • Delete/Rename/Move Java source folder

    Java Refactoring

    Dali also participates in the following Mapping File refactorings:
    • Delete/Rename/Move orm.xml mapping file
    • Delete/Rename/Move source folder

New Make Persistent... Wizard

    Dali has added a Make Persistent... wizard to the JPA Tools menu which will allow the user to easily make one or more Java classes into persistent entities. The entities can be added via Java annotation or via an XML Mapping File. This is especially useful for creating many entities at once via multi-select.

    Make Persistent Menu

    Make Persistent Wizard

JAXB Support

    Dali has expanded its JAXB support beyond class and schema generation. We now offer a JAXB Facet, which adds additional support for JAXB version and library management in your faceted WTP project. In the future this will also enable validation and code completion of your JAXB persistent model.

    JAXB Facet

    Dali has also added a JAXB Project, which will give you a pre-configured project based on Java and JAXB support.

    JAXB Project

    A new platform option has been added to specifically support EclipseLink 2.2.

    EclipseLink 2.2 platform

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