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Pre-release Components Open House

This series of open house presentations is complete for our July (0.7) Release. Much thanks to all those who participated as presenters and attendees.


The Architecture Group is hosting a "Components Open House" to give a chance for more direct presentations from component leads to the PMC and other interested parties. The primary goal is to help promote steady progress towards our Eclipse release review. The secondary goal is that WTP is large and complex and even for a technical audience it helps to have someone "walk you through it" (as in a true "open house"). The presentations are not for end-users to learn 'how to' nor product managers to learn of plans and schedules (there are other avenues for those activities) but instead is more oriented towards describing the current state of the components to the project leads, PMC, and others who might be developing add-ins or add-ons to WTP. This is intended to be a sharing of information to help others get oriented to the project and components and hear of any issues (or gracious compliments :) that should be documented.


The presentations from lead developers will briefly cover

  • current end-user features
  • current designs and APIs
  • current quality

The presentations will be made available on our mirrored download-presentations-archive (in advance, when possible).


The presentations will be given via "web conference" concurrent with a conference phone. For the web conference, there is a special "sign up" required for those outside IBM to gain a userid and password (it is not a confidential meeting, but it does access some IBM based services which require pre-registration and the sign-on).


Below is the current schedule -- Thursdays, 12 to 2 EDT.

Date SubSystems/Components/Topics Organizer/Presenter
5/19/2005 Server Components
WTP Server Tools Open House
Database Components Component: RDB
Tim DeBoer

Der Ping Chou
5/26/2005 Web Services
Eclipse WTP Project Web Service Tools Open House
Chris Brealey
6/2/2005 Common Components
Eclipse WTP Project Common Components Open House
Craig Salter

WTP Source Editors (XML, JSP, etc)
Eclipse WTP Project Source Editing Components Open House
David Williams

6/16/2005 J2EE (and Flexible Projects)
Eclipse WTP Project J2EE Tools and Flexible Project Components Open House
Chuck Bridgham
Current Members
  • David Williams, IBM. Architecture Group Lead and Eclipse Architecture Council representative from WTP
  • Chuck Bridgham, IBM
  • Kevin Haaland, IBM
  • Ted Bashor, BEA
  • Naci Dai, Eteration