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Dali Java Persistence Tools User Guide
Release 3.2
Release 3.2
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5 Tips and tricks

The following tips and tricks give some helpful ideas for increasing your productivity.

Database connections

When starting a new workbench session, be sure to reconnect to your database (if you are working online). This allows Dali to provide database-related mapping assistance and validation.

Schema-based persistence.xml file

If you are behind a firewall, you may need to configure your Eclipse workspace proxy in the Preferences dialog (Preferences > Internet > Proxy Settings) to properly validate a schema-based persistence.xml file.

@XmlPath content assist and validation

Dali supports @XmlPath content assist and validation. You can now easily traverse deeply nested XML structures specifying XmlPath values.

Making persistent entities

With the Make Persistent dialog, you can easily transform Java classes into persistent entities via Java annotation or entry in an XML mapping file. With multi-select, you can quickly create many entities at once.