Release Notes - 0.9.x

We are proud to announce the release of 0.9. Here are some of the major highlights:

  • Eclipse IoT Toolset that lets you describe the characteristics and functionalities of devices as Information Models
  • Information Model Repository, acting as a device description dictionary to lookup and find device cababilities by various criteria
  • Generator API that lets you define the translation rules from Information Models into executable, IoT platform specific source code
  • Many Code Generators to inspire you to build your own generator as well as illustrate the usage to build an IoT Application.
  • Command Line Interface that lets you lookup, find and publish information models as well as generate code for a selected IoT platform

Eclipse IoT Toolset

With the Eclipse IoT Toolset, you can describe the characteristics and functionality of devices as Information Models, publish them to the Information Model Repository and generate code with the help of Code Generators.

Vorto Features Models

Information Model Repository

The Information Model Repository manages your device descriptions in a central place and exposes its functionality as a clean REST-API. Users are able to lookup and search device cababilities, checkin new models as well as translate Information Models into a selected IoT Platform source code.

Search page

Generator API

Vorto Code Generators convert an Information Model into executable IoT platform specific source code. The Generator API lets you plug in your own code generator into the toolset. Toolset wizards help you through this process.

Code Generators

In order to inspire you to build you own generator for your platform, we implemented many Code Generators, for example Bosch IoT Things, AWS, ThingWorx and many more. They illustrate the many possibilities of how code generators can be effectively used and act as a blueprint for other generator implementations.


Command Line Interface (CLI)

A Command Line Interface Tool lets you explore information models, checkin new information models as well as generate code for a selected IoT platform.

Vorto CLI Tool