2. What's New

2.1 1.5.0 Release


Starting from version 1.5 it is possible to develop for the Virgo Runtime using the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE). See the Tooling Guide for more information on this new feature.


Server Runtime Wizard

The Server Runtime Wizard can now optionally assist the user in setting up a PDE Target Platform definition whose content reflects the Virgo Runtime repository configuration.

PDE Project Wizard

A new project wizard allows creating PDE Plug-in projects that are also Virgo Runtime projects and can be deployed on a Virgo Server

Plan Project Wizard

A new project wizard allows creating Plan projects in the workspace. Plan projects permit to deploy a plan to the Virgo Runtime within Eclipse and can be seen as a possibly more convenient alternative to adding individual bundles to the Virgo Runtime and defining their activation order via the Server Editor.

Server Editor

The Server Editor has been improved to:

  • provide proper support for PDE Target Platform definitions

  • allow multi-selection in the 'Artefact Deployment Order' section.