VIATRA Downloads

VIATRA can be installed from Eclipse Marketplace.
You can simply drag the Marketplace button to an open Eclipse instance to start the installation.

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install VIATRA

Installing the current version

For manual installation, use provide the p2 repository url Installation instructions:

p2 repositories

Older releases are available in version-specific repositories, for details, consult the table below.

the release repositories can also be downloaded as zip files for offline installation. In such cases, make sure you have the corresponding Xtext version installed. To install such a version, download the zip file from below, and add it as a local repository using the Install new software... wizard.

Version p2 repository LinksNotes
2.2.0 Zipped repository
Requires Java 8, Eclipse Collections 9.x (or newer) and Xtext 2.16 (or newer).
2.1.2 Zipped repository
Requires Java 8, Eclipse Collections 9.x (or newer) and Xtext 2.12 (or newer).
2.0.3 Zipped repository
Requires Java 8, Eclipse Collections 9.x (or newer) and Xtext 2.12 (or newer).
1.7.2 Zipped repository
Requires Eclipse Collections 7.x (or newer) and Xtext 2.9-2.13.
1.6.2 Zipped repository
Requires Xtext 2.9-2.13. Included in Oxygen.2
1.5.3 Zipped repository
Requires Xtext 2.9-2.11. Neon.2 compatibility
1.4.1 Zipped repository
Requires Xtext 2.9-2.11. Neon.1 compatibility
1.3.0 Zipped repository
Requires Xtext 2.10. Neon compatibility
1.2.0 Zipped repository
Requires Xtext 2.9. First version after merging EMF-IncQuery

Development versions

The VIATRA project maintains different update sites to download from. The various sites contains versions of different stability and are subject of different amount of testing. CI and integration builds may contain breaking changes, while milestone and release builds should be stable for everyday use. As a general rule of thumb, you should use the release (or maybe the milestone) repository.

Warning! Only release builds are retained undefinitely, but other builds will be periodically removed.

Release composite - This site contains all releases of VIATRA. Note: It is not supported to combine features from various release repositories. When installing components from this site, ensure that everything selected comes from the same release. This can be problematic if a feature was removed, as old versions can still show up in the composite repository.
Milestone builds - This site contains milestone builds of upcoming VIATRA releases. A release cycle usually produces 3-4 milestone builds; these builds are also included in simrel milestones. Milestone builds are removed after the corresponding release build is finalized.
Integration builds - This site contains weekly updated integration builds of upcoming VIATRA releases. These builds receive no specific testing; resort using these builds only if you need bleeding edge features or improvements.

Older releases

For information about previous releases, look at the VIATRA2 archive site and the EMF-IncQuery archive site.