EMF-IncQuery Downloads (Archive)

Update sites

These update sites are only maintained for backward compatibility reasons; all new users should rely on more up-to-date releases of VIATRA that include all old features of EMF-IncQuery.

In addition to the core features the EMF-IncQuery project also provides an additional update site with further, experimental features. These features are managed together with the main update site, but as they are less stable, they are not considered part of the EMF-IncQuery releases. As the components stabilized, they were integrated into the main repository.

Release builds
  • Main site: http://download.eclipse.org/viatra/incquery/updates/release
  • Extra site: http://download.eclipse.org/viatra/incquery/updates-extra/release
Milestone builds
  • Main site: http://download.eclipse.org/viatra/incquery/updates/milestone
  • Extra site: http://download.eclipse.org/viatra/incquery/updates-extra/milestone

Zipped update sites

0.7.0 (Xtext 2.4.0)
Main site - Extra Site
0.8.0 (Xtext 2.6.0)
Main site - Extra Site
0.8.1 (Xtext 2.6.0)
Main site - Extra Site
0.9.1 (Xtext 2.7.0)
Main site - Extra Site
1.0.0 (Xtext 2.8.0)
Main site - Extra Site (Contains incubating contents)