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VIATRA2 Project - Archive Contents

This project is in the Incubation Phase

Project Overview

The main objective of the VIATRA2 (VIsual Automated model TRAnsformations) framework is to provide a general-purpose support for the entire life-cycle of engineering model transformations including the specification, design, execution, validation and maintenance of transformations within and between various modeling languages and domains.

VIATRA2 intends to complement existing model transformation frameworks in providing

  • a model space for uniform representation of models and metamodels
  • a transformation language with
    • both declarative and imperative features
    • based upon popular formal mathematical techniques of graph transformation (GT) and abstract state machines (ASM)
  • a high performance transformation engine
    • supporting incremental model transformations
    • trigger-driven live transformations where complex model changes may trigger execution of transformations
    • handling well over 100,000 model elements (see our benchmarks)
  • with main target application domains in
    • model-based tool integration framework
    • model analysis transformations

Further issues frequently asked by users:

VIATRA2 Downloads

VIATRA2 v3.3.0

VIATRA2 v3.3.0 is the last released version of VIATRA2. Using this is strongly recommended over any previous version you might have. The milestone notes are found here.
  • Update site:
  • The update site is downloadable as a zip file
  • You can use the following official update site URL to get the latest version:
  • You can also use the following secondary update site URL to get the latest nightly version: Warning: This site also contains VIATRA2-specific content that is not validated using the Eclipse IP process.

VIATRA2 Documentation

Currently, the VIATRA2 Documentation consists of the following documents:

  • VIATRA2 Documentation

    For current Milestones (3.x), a completely new documentation has been established at the VIATRA2 Wiki.
    It contains both the users guide and the most up-to-date documentation of the VIATRA2 transformation language. You should start here.
  • The VIATRA2 Transformation Language Specification [obsolete]

    The document describes the VIATRA2 Transformation Command Language in detail. A VIATRA2 transformation consists of graph pattern definitions (Section 3) defined by precise formal semantics (Section 4), and control structures (Section 5).
    The language specification is archived in PDF format from here.
  • Users' Guide [obsolete]

    The Users' Guide offered a description of the user interface (which is completely superseded by the wiki), howtos for writing model importers and native functions, and a by-example section to get you started with writing VIATRA transformations.
    Archived in PDF from here.

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